Residential Services

The #1 Lawn Guy has the most dependable service in the area! I guarantee a timely upkeep to your property. We provide services for every season. Services for any season can be added individually or as a complete annual package. Customer service is important to us. We accept Master Card and Visa to make property maintenance easy for you! For free estimates and additional details, contact us today!

Seasonal Residential Routines

Spring Clean Up
Season Time: March/April
  • Natural debris clean up from end of fall/beginning of winter season
  • Additional debris clean up - pick up of garbage, animal waste on property
  • Prep flower beds for mulching and/or planting
  • Planting of flowers and shrubs
  • Mulching
  • Customized to specific needs of client
Summer Maintenance
Season Time: April - September/October
  • Mowing property - average 28-30 cuts per season
  • Trimming around flower beds, sidewalks, etc.
  • FREE! Weeding of all flower and shrub beds and walkways
  • FREE! Hedge and shrub trimming throughout season
Fall Clean Up
Season Time: October - November/December
  • Leaf clean up and removal: In areas of your property that you specify
  • Branch Trimming: Dead branches will be trimmed and removed from your property
  • Flower bed clean up: Leaves will be removed from flower beds, late summer and fall flowers will be maintained
  • Winter Prep Work: At the end of season, flower beds will be prepared for winter, by cutting back dead flowers/plants to protect perennial flower bulbs
Winter Maintenance
  • Charge is per snow fall. No seasonal contracts. Rate varies by size of driveway.
  • Snow Requirements: Snow fall beginning at 3" or severe icy conditions.
Seasonal Organic Fertilization Treatments
We recommend you have a free consultation and estimate done to determine condition of the lawn.