Fertilizing Program

The important elements to a successful organic turf program is approach and products.

Approach includes the understanding of what is going on in your soil and then using proper cultural practices. These two parts, working with a appropriate and quality products that the soils needs, will put your lawn on a path to a beatutiful lawn.  The products needed are determined by the soil test. 

The steps to our Organic Lawn Care Program:
- Soil test.  All clients begin with a soil test, so that there is a clear understanding of what is going on with the soil chemistry, structure and biology.  This test is repeated every three years.
- Soil test interpretation. What do all the numbers mean?  Organic matter, pH, Cation exchange.... We will interpret the results and provide you with a road map for a program specific to your lawn. 
- Product selection and application.  Once we know what your soil needs, we are able to put together the program, which will include rates and schedule.
- Cultural practices.  These practices are critical in a programs success.  They include mowing height, aearation and watering. 

The Products
Fertilizers, Amendments and Seed are the three types of products used. 

The majority of our fertilizers are granular and have the following charateristics:

  • Low and Zero phosphorous blends
  • Slow Release, Water Insoluble Nitrogen
  • All Natural Ingredients: Soybean/Feather meal based
  • Easy to Spread with standard spreader
  • Excellent coverage -- 50lb bag covers 5000sf
  • NO Manure, urea, sewage sludge or burning
Amendments include: lime and gypsum, humates, pelleted compost, soil compost, sulfur and molasses. 

Seed: Using the correct seed on your property is also critical for the success of a program.  Shade vs high sun vs high traffic vs wet areas are all taken into consideration when seeding.  Timing and germination rates are also important. 

All of these parts working together will create a beautiful and SAFE lawn for you to enjoy!